Why outsourcing your IT support makes sense

When you’re running a small business, time is money. The more time you spend on activities that have little revenue generation, the lower your profits are going to be. Yet many small and medium companies perform tasks in-house that can, and should, be performed by a third party.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider outsourcing your IT support.

1. Better access to talent

Businesses offering IT support can hire the best talent and offer skilled workers the right packages and working conditions. Therefore, when you outsource your IT operations, you are gaining access to this talent without the expensive outlay.

In addition, as experts in the field, IT support providers know what skills to look for in applicants. Therefore, we can ensure good talent is being used, rather than those with just a good CV.

2. Access to the best software

Good quality software is expensive. It is why many small businesses often don’t buy the best and settle for second-tier quality. The problem here is that this software might not offer the greatest productivity or be disruptive in other ways.

IT support businesses can avoid this by buying the best software packages, equipment and spreading the cost over several clients. Therefore, the small business can access top tier software at a better price than software of lesser quality.

At Netopa, we partner with Panda Security, FuseMail, Dell and Naverisk to ensure that we offer our clients the best in the market for technology and support.

3. Flexible use of services

Small businesses don’t always need the full skills of an IT professional. This can be expensive for the business and also frustrating for the IT professional who doesn’t have a great deal to do.

However, with outsourced IT support, you can use the services you need when you need them without having to worry about keeping a staff member busy, or that they’re not offering value for money.

With Netopa, we tailor our support for our clients, ensuring that all their IT is fully covered with no hidden costs and responsive support in a monthly retainer.

4. You can concentrate on what you’re best at

Some small businesses never hire an IT professional. Instead, they complete IT tasks themselves. While this might minimise direct costs, it can cause delays in production and raise other indirect costs. Instead, you should concentrate on what you're good at. This allows you to dedicate all your efforts to be more productive, raise revenues and increase profits.

5. It offers better IT security

Did you know more than half of cyber-attacks are a result of internal mistakes? That is often because staff are too busy or don’t understand security enough to know what a threat is. By outsourcing your IT needs, you can protect your business by having better software in place to block potentially harmful programs from damaging your IT systems. If an attack does happen, an IT support provider can help you recover faster.

At Netopa, we offer disaster recovery support to our clients protecting their business and IT from everything from minor calamities to full-blown catastrophes. We help make sure that you and your business are protected, and you can always keep going.

For more information on how outsourcing with Netopa can benefit your business and get the most out of your IT. Contact us on 0131 603 7066 or visit our website, www.netopa.co.uk



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