A UK based funds management firm with a keen eye for the devilish details, NCM are known for a consistent reliable and specialist service and look for the same in their IT.


NCM were expanding their work and required further IT capacity and were due to take on the specialised software Investran. This software also required further monitoring to ensure everything ran efficiently and that disaster recovery was considered whilst not taking up large amount of precious physical space.


Dell servers were acquired to replace the existing ones. Virtual Machines (VMs) were created on one of the servers using VMware.

VMs are an emulation of a computer system on a server, this is useful for creation of more space that can be used so that software such as Investran can operate on a more efficient level while saving physical space and power reducing overheads.

With Investran set up, Netopa engineers installed Naverisk to make sure to monitor NCM’s systems closely and be able to take proactive measure to any issues that may arise and staying immediate contact with the NCM team


With all these new systems and software, Netopa engineers configured duplicate for disaster recovery should anything go wrong. Veeam software ensures maximum availability and data security via cutting edge replication technology to provide the peace of mind that the business and its data is secure.

NCM is one of our longest standing clients and we are delighted to continue to support them in their daily IT needs, monitoring closely and always able to provide local on-site support.

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