One of Netopa’s oldest clients with a cause close to our hearts. Cairn Mhor established its first house in 2002. They provide high quality residential care and support to children and young people aged 6 years to 21 years.


Cairn Mhor’s role in providing services for young people in residential care is subject to some of the UK’s most stringent data protection and confidentiality laws, protecting the personal data of all who use the services. Records must be kept for 100 years for historical archiving and legal requirements in line with county councils. The emphasis on a fully secure and yet accessible to the authorised users was paramount to the successful working environment of the service which comes under the supervision of the Scottish Care Inspectorate.  Cairn Mhor asked for a full review to ensure they met their legal requirements and to have a long-term strategy for their IT platform.


The Netopa team visited all five of the Cairn Mhor sites as part of the review process and produced a fully integrated proposal for Cairn Mhor. We started with implementing a companywide secure communications network for both voice and data, with new firewalls and secure Virtual Private Network functions. We updated their main server (Small Business Server) to the latest versions with an updated patching process and installed Panda security services to protect the network. We provided a full business continuity and disaster recovery solution utilising VEEAM which is the global leader in intelligent data management. The solution gives them real time failover capabilities as well as full recovery of archived data. VEEAM reduced potential down time from days to minutes especially in the transfer of data to the new Small business server. New all-in-one desktop PC’s provided solutions to their limited space requirements within they individual care homes. Netopa’s updated helpdesk solution provided the entire Cairn Mhor team (52 staff) with easy access to our support and increased response times to issues. We also installed internet web safety monitoring software to keep the young people safe on the internet.


Cairn Mhor gained immediate benefits from the rollout of the companywide secure network, being able to have extension call capabilities where previously they had disparate systems, with the availability to record phones as appropriate. The server updates have increased response times when working on documents and the individual remote care homes now have much easier access to their required documentation via the secure network and file server. The uptime of the service has also been improved and issues are being proactively addressed before becoming major issues. Cairn Mhor is pleased with the overall increase in their productivity and the peace of mind that their systems are secure and backed up.







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