One of the over 130 solicitors and estate agents, Blair Cadell offer a plethora of legal services from wills and powers of attorney to the conveyancing for a client’s perfect home.


Blair Cadell are well established in Edinburgh and have had a few office changes in the past, that require as little downtime as possible and to ensure that there was always a secure connection between the offices; to allow secure collaboration in real time.


Moving equipment from one office to a new location is a normally stressful endeavour that can instigate problems very quickly if done incorrectly. Fortunately, the Netopa team are local and were able to provide all the on-site support needed, so that the system integration and that installation of key software, such as Lawware, went smoothly with at teething issues quickly able to be dealt with.

Blair Cadell require their data and the data of their clients to have the utmost protection and security. Configuration of a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel was set up in the offices providing an encrypted connection between the two offices with a firewall on both sides.

With the nature of both their client data and use of programs such as Lawware; Blair Cadell are always striving to be on the front foot with their server technology. For this, Dell SQL servers are the most effective solution to cater to Blair Cadell’s needs, providing the space and enhanced performance.


Blair Cadell have throughout the years they have been with Netopa, always been able to benefit from our local on-site support with all their issues. As part of our long ongoing support, Blair Cadell benefits from Naverisk meaning that we can be proactive and resolve issues before they cause any disruption.







Solicitors & Estate Agents

Products Used

– Dell SBS + SQL server

– Panda 360 Adaptive Defence

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